Dr Imran


Imran obtained his Ph.D. from the computer engineering department at Jeju National University, the Republic of Korea. He worked as a researcher with MCL and JNU Big Data lab. Currently, He is an assistant professor at IT convergence college, department of biomedical engineering of Gachon University, South Korea.

Working Interests.

His working interests include software development, IT convergence solutions, and entrepreneurship.

Research Interests.

His research mainly focuses on interdisciplinary scientific applications based on the Internet of Things, Machine learning, Data science, and BlockChain.

  • BirthPlace: Amandara, Batkhela, Malakand
  • Email: imran@scirep.Institute
  • Phone: +81093369498
  • Current City: Incheon, South korea
  • Home Country: Pakistan
  • Degree: Ph.D Computer Engineering
  • Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor Gachon University


Google Citations:350+ H-index:12, I-Index:13

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Yearly Statistics(SCIE)

Pub. Year No of SCIE Papers Impact Factor (as per JCR, 2021):
2022 7 35.608
2021 8 22.468
2020 4 13.68
2019 1 3.88
Total SCIE Papers: 20 Cumulative Impact Factor (as per JCR, 2021):75.645
    Authorship contributions(Corresponding Author:(*)), Co-author:(c-a)), first author:(f-a))


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    (*) A Conceptual Model of Factors Influencing Customer Relationship Management in Global Software Development : A Client Perspective - [Applied Sciences IF=2.838)]

    (*) Towards Secure and Intelligent Internet of Health Things: A Survey of Enabling Technologies and Applications - [Electronics IF=2.69)]

    (f-a) Artificial intelligence-based Modeling Mechanisms for Material Analysis and Discovery - [Journal of Intelligent Pervasive and Soft Computing]

    (f-a) A Survey of Datasets, Preprocessing, Modeling Mechanisms, and Simulation Tools Based on AI for Material Analysis and Discovery - [Materials(IF=3.748)]

    (f-a) IoT Task Management Mechanism Based on Predictive Optimization for Efficient Energy Consumption in Smart Residential Buildings - [Energy and Buildings(IF=7.201)]

    (c-a) Enhanced time-constraint aware tasks scheduling mechanism based on predictive optimization for efficient load balancing in smart manufacturing - [Journal of Manufacturing Systems(IF=9.498)]


    (f-a) Using Machine Learning Algorithms for Housing Price Prediction: The Case of Islamabad Housing Data - [Soft Computing and Machine Intelligence]

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    (f-a) An Ensemble of Prediction and Learning Mechanism for Improving Accuracy of Anomaly Detection in Network Intrusion Environments - [Sustainability(IF=3.889)]

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    (f-a) Design and Implementation of Thermal Comfort System based on Tasks Allocation Mechanism in Smart Homes - [Sustainability(IF=3.889)]

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